Terms of Service

Terms of Services 

OPHELIA-YEII INC considers it important to precisely define its terms of services and conditions to its customers, so they can be sure of the laws and regulations while using or accessing our website.

Binding Agreement

We suggest you to read this page thoroughly before using any of our services. By using our site and/or facilities, you are agreeing that you completely read, understand, and agreed to the stated laws, Terms of Services, Conditions of Use, and Regulations. We have all the right reserved to protect the content of our site through applicable trademark and copyright law. Do not access or visit this site if you object to any of these  terms. 

Right to make Modifications

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to modify or update our terms of services from time to time, without notifying you each time personally.

However, we will  let you know about the modification by changing the “last updated” date of this page. It is by all mean, your responsibility to regularly visit these Terms of Services to keep yourself up-to-date. 

License and Site Access

We grant you a limited license to approach and make personal use of our site. You can not modify or change our material (software and information). This can be done if and only if you have written consent from us. However, we permit you to temporarily download a single copy of the material for non-commercial transitory viewing purposes only. 


The content/material published on this website is the exclusive property of OPHELIA-YEII INC (Ophebeauty.com). Our digital downloads, images, text, logo, and graphics are all protected by International copyright laws.

We have the right to take strict actions through legal forums in case of any inconvenience or theft of our personal data and information. 


Our website works on AS-IS and AS-AVAILABLE basis. When you use our services, you will be using them at your sole risk. We do not endorse or guarantee the precision and exactness of the website’s material or about the content that is available on other sites that are linked with our website. 

We, therefore, make no warranties or assume any claims or responsibility regarding any

  • Error, misunderstanding, flaw, or omission of the materials and content,
  • Personal or property damage of any kind, in the consequence of your access to the site,
  • Any virus, bug, or so forth, which may be transmitted by the third party. 


We will try our best to provide you with authentic and reliable information, however, there may be some errors, blunders, inaccuracy, and omissions expected. This includes any misinformation regarding the price rates, CTA, availability of the product, and so forth. We have all the rights reserved to modify/change/delete such information without any former warning.

Comments, Reviews, and Emails

In no event, do we allow our customers to post content that is illicit, libelous, threatening to an individual’s credibility, intrusion upon seclusion, or unfavorable in any other way. Your comments, reviews, and other means of communication shall be free from viruses, political campaigns, or personal attacks. 

We can take strict action against any obscene and illegal content and have all the rights reserved to remove or modify such content. When you post your content, you permit us royalty-free and irrevocable right to publish, filter, and change, such content.


To manage a healthy relationship with our customers, we promote communication. All communication is done through electronic means. So every time you sent us an email or post a comment, you are permitting us to communicate with you directly. Therefore, you consent to receive messages, news, and emails from us. 

You also accord that all news, disclosures, and communication that we deliver you electronically, fit legal requirements. 


For business purposes, you might see links of other sites on our website. For your clarification, we hold no authority over such sites. Any content that appears on linked-sites, is by no means involve our consent. You will be visiting such sites at your sole risk.

User Representation

By using our services, you assure and hold the guarantee that

  • All personal credentials you will provide us with, are accurate and up-to-date,
  • You will not knowingly try to manipulate our company’s policies,
  • You will manage the validity and reliability of your personal information and will make sure that the information you provide us with is the latest, and will update it if necessary,
  • You will maintain the confidentiality of your private details, you will be accountable for all activities that happen under your account,
  • You are above age 13,
  • You will not use our services for illegal purposes, and while accessing our site, you will make sure that you are not violating any applicable laws and regulations.

We can immediately terminate or suspend your account if you violate any applicable law or provide us wrong, inaccurate, obscene, or incomplete information.

Limitation of Liability 

Under no circumstances will our company, agents, directors, and the employees will be accountable to an individual or third party, in case of any damage due to loss of profit, revenue, or data that arise from your use of the site.

Governing Law

These Terms of Services and our other Policies are constructed under the law of the United State of America. Any action brought by either you or us shall be executed or put on trial in the federal courts of the United State of America.

Contact Us

For further clarification, or for resolving any possible issue, contact us directly through the following means.

Email: sales@ophebeauty.com
Call: 646-841-5665