Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY values your privacy and we are committed to protect your Personal Information/Data at all costs. If you have any question or need further assistance, feel free to contact our customer support system via email or using information on contact us page.

By visiting our site and/or using our services, we assure you that your information and data will be handled accordingly as described in our Privacy Policy belowSo, please spare some time and read it carefully.


For your kind information and convenience, we tried to briefly define the following terms that we will be discussing in our Privacy Policy. We tried to make this information as simple as we can for the end users  to understanding clearly. We hope you are all going to find that information useful and necessary. 

  • Personal Information: The information that is used to identify the user’s identity.
  • Processing: A set of legal operations that is performed on visitors Personal Data.
  • Data Subject: The main focused person and/or visitors whose information is being used to provide them better services.
  • Cookies: It is a kind of an advanced text file and/or advanced way of saving and storing information.
  • Website:

How the Data is processed under Data Protection Principles strictly follow the following initiatives just to make sure that your data is being processed legally by all means. It is important for us to secure your data while succeeding in the following Data Protection Principles.

  • Lawful Processing: We ( assure that all operations that are performed on your data are legal and authorized. We are always open to provide information regarding processing when requested, instead of hiding it from our users.
  • Centralized Data/Minimal Data Processing: Relevant Data collection about our users is only made when we need it or if it’s necessary.  The basic reason behind this (gathering of information) is to make analysis and provide you better services.
  • Data Storing Purposes: We assure you that, we respect your privacy and your data is processed for limited period of time.
  • Data Storage is Temporary: Even if you are online, we won’t save your data for any longer period. We will erase your data once our purpose is fulfilled.
  • Data Protection: We fully understand your privacy and take the responsibility to protect your data/information from any harmful source.
  • Data Authenticity: We won’t make any changings in your original data and we guarantee the authenticity of your private data.

RIGHTS OF USER’s follows the Data Protection Principles and we set our customers privacy or data on highest priority. For this, we recommend you to read GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

This law grants you the following rights on your data and information.

  • You can have access to your data and information at any time that is being collected, we also provide you a copy of the data whenever you made a purchase with us.
  • This law gives you the right to erase your collected data at any time. If you think you don’t want our services anymore, just contact our customer support to do so.
  • You can ask to rectify your data that we have collected to provide you better services. Yes! You have that right. Let us know if the stored information is inaccurate or incomplete, we will update that information for you.
  • If you observe any kind of inconvenience which comes under the data protection rights, you can freely lodge a complaint against us for that particular ignorance of your request. 
  • You always have the legal right to object if your data is being processed unsuitable or inappropriate. We always respect your privacy. 
  • We will be happy to assist you at any time you want for claiming damages etc.

The Kind of Information Gather:

Every time you visit We always give priority to our visitor’s privacy and your personal information gathered under the data protection principles. So there is no need to worry about your privacy. For better understanding, below we briefly described that what kind of information we gathered form our users.

  • As you know that to provide you better services we will be needing information, such as name, phone number and email address. We also required physical address if you placed and order and want to buy something using our site. This necessary information is gathered only to make sure that the purchase done properly.
  • This collection of your data helps us to update visitors about our new offers and products. We normally update our customers/visitors via email, newsletters etc.
  • We’ll often ask you to provide us the data about your age for billing purposes. For that purpose we make sure that your age is above 13. We provide you services that demands payment thorough online cash.

Identification of Third Party Interference

We assure that we will protect your data at any cost. We will not allow any third part to have access to our client’s data/information. As we mentioned earlier that you (Client’s/Visitors) are’s main priority. We will never sell your data to any fraud parties. We will only share your information with authorized personals on legal grounds.

Your information is only revealed under certain conditions. Disclosure of information is made only to affected parties in case of illegal activity, for this purpose we inform you that we hold the right to do so.

Referred Websites

For the purpose of providing high quality content or services to our users, our website contains links to other sites. The information published on that particular site will also help you to understand better about our services. But here I have something share with our users that these linked website have their own Data Protection Policy. Please read their Privacy Policy carefully, because we are not responsible how they process your personal data.

Practices we perform to secure your Data 

Our technical team regularly perform a security check just to make sure that everything is working properly and there is nothing to worry about our website and the data stored in it. Regular upgrade is also required to establish a long term relationship with our users.

We highly recommend to our user’s that, do not share your login information with anybody. We assure you that, this platform is highly secured and cannot be breached. If it happens than we’ll inform you and the authorities who handle data breaching. have the right to update Privacy Policy when it’s necessary. It is suggested to visit this page on regular basis. This is how you can easily find out what changes are made in our Privacy Policy.

Cookie Policy

We are going explain what kind of access we got over your cookies whenever you visit Cookies allow us to visit any site safely and conveniently, because it is the most advance and secure way of storing data to provide better services after making an analysis. As you know OPHELIA-YEI INC is an online retailer and to provide you better services, we have to monitor your activities on our site

Why We Use Cookies?

The purpose of using cookies is just to make sure that the services are being provided in a consistent and reliable way. Your login information is stored in cookies when you visit our site, it can save your time when you came back after a while. It also helps us to track items of your cart that you just purchased from our site. Disabling cookies may stop you from having access to our services. 

All Rights are Reserved asks you to give access to cookies on your system while visiting our site. Anyone can either accept or deny this request, because it’s totally up to you. Our users can easily remove or delete cookies from their end by using their internet browsers setting properly.


The main purpose is just to provide you our best services and we are doing our best. We are committed to protect your data at any cost. Our users/customers are always our main priority. Still you got any question or queries about the security of your data, you can freely talk to us via customer support.